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Gudum Farmshop and Workroom

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Today’s owners started the farm shop in 1981 selling eggs. The farm had then – as now – 2000 hens and a daily production of about 1500-2000 eggs.
In 1994 the shop moved into “Stabburet” where both the shop and the workroom are today. 
“Vestfold Stakken” is the main product of the workroom.

The skirt and the outfit are inspired by the Vikings and what was found in the Oseberg’s grave-mound (gravhaug), the greatest viking find in the North.    
The fabrics in this grave were so well preserved that they are looked upon as the greatest and best collection of materials ever found in a viking grave. 
It consists of 277 pieces and has been of great interest and inspiration when creating these costumes. The study at Norwegian Folkemuseum was important for the process of designing the skirt, and so were illustrations and information in the book  “Osebergdronningens grav” (The queen of Oseberg’s grave)  written by Arnt Emil Christensen, Anne Stine Ingstad and Bjørn Myhre.

The shop sells: pottery, water colour paintings and hand painted wooden products,
eggs, honey, herbs, tea, crisp bread, sweets, towels, soap, dried flowers, trolls and dolls,
body cream, candles, silk scarves, underwear and stockings, knitted sweaters, jackets and knives for the outfits.

The first “Vestfold Stakk” was finished in 1994.
It was made in linen, and about 100 skirts were produced before “Åsa Stakken” was designed and produced.





Today "Vestfold Stakken” is also made in wool and in different colours, and there  is a woollen shawl to accompany it.
Gro Kjøll also designs outfits in taffeta and other materials.