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Gudum Farm gbr 67/1, 3, 10 and 55/3 in Holmestrand

Today the name of the farm is Gudum. In bishop Oystein`s book of land from the year 1400 the farm is called “Guæimi” which means the homes of God.  The farm is one of the oldest religious places of meeting in the rural district (parish) The first roads leading to the district came from South along “den gamle kongevei” (the old road for the royalty) past Reggestad Farm in Re (Våle) And Hvitstein to Gudum, from there onwards to Angers Klev. In old publications it says that Gudum has been a centre of the district from  about the year 700 ad.

The farm has been in the family’s possession since 1907. Then Johan Hartvik Arvesen the son of butcher Frantz Arvid Arvidson bought it.He was a timber merchant and had his own sawmill situated where Shell is today.

Arvesen was involved in the foundation of Vestfold trotting association and the Norwegian horseowner`s union. He worked with horse breeding and had quite a lot of horses in the stable. Besides horses there were cows, pigs and hens on the farm. He also built “Stabburet” (The storehouse on pillars). Johan Arvesen married Inger Olea Foss in 1905. Arvesen died in l952, and his wife in 1956.  They had two children.  Hanna Wilhelmine was born in 1906 and Inger Johanne in 1926.  Their first daughter, Hanna, married  Simen Simensen.  They had no children. He had his own transporting firm and his lorries transported goods For “Nordisk Aluminiumsindustri” (aluminium factory). Simen built a new henhouse in l959. He restored the main building and, in 1965 he built rooms for the workers. Simen died in l969. Hanna died in l981. Inger and Johan Arvesen`s second daughter, Inger Johanne, married Alf Kjøll born in 1926, and they have three children, Johan Kristian, Berit and Kari.

Gudum is today owned by their son, Johan Kristian, married to Gro Finstad from Ås I Akershus.  They have three children, Martin,  Peder and Hannah.

They restored the henhouse in 1981 and built a pigsty in 1988. Stabburet (the storehouse) was redecorated in 1994 to become a shop and a dressmaker`s house for workers to live in.

The total area of the farm is 1270 dekar = 127 acres. 185 dekar = 18,5 acres of cultivated land, and the rest consists of forest and non productive areas, (stretching from NJA to Sollivann, from there to Liglaneren down to the border of Sande and back to Djupedalsmyr and NJA)

Gudum Farm produces brown eggs and piglets, grows corn and oilseed and runs forestry of timber and firewood.

Today's owners are members of: Norges Bondelag, Norges Bygdekvinnelag, Felleskjøpet, Fjørfeavlslaget, Vestfold Svineavlslag og Norsk Gardsmat.

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