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E. Thormodsrud




In the Osebergmound the archaeologists found a lot of artefacts that inform us about patterns and textiles used for costumes in the Viking age.


The starting point is the story about the queens Åsa and  Alvhild, and the find shows what kind of dresses and materials they used when celebrating festivals.


Some of these traditions are now passed on in “Vestfold Stakken” 


The skirt and shawl are produced in linen
 or wool, everything decorated with ribbons in silk.


The shirt in linen, cotton or silk is also decorated with ribbons. Both the cut of the skirt and the types of material are traced back to the Vikings


The skirt is produced in different styles. 
All accessories are specially  made for “Vestfold Stakken”: knitted jacket, hat, shawl, the knife-belt, with a small purse
 to it and silver ornaments.


The knitted jacket has patterns directly taken from finds in the grave. The silver ornaments are also based on the finds. The knife has a handle made of birch and the Osebergship motiv as decoration in the sheath. It is made by a local smith.


With its personal character associated to no special period, the skirt has become a costume with distinct links to the Viking age.


Vestfoldstakken including accessories costs:
 $1500 - 2000 / £ 800 -1200 / € 1200 - 1800